Downloadable Product History

Adds the ability to track when a virtual product has been downloaded.

The module creates a history table to record download attempts for each of your virtual products.  When a product is downloaded, the module will record the date and time, the customer and the remote IP Address.

This information is then displayed in a new product section within the Admin Order page, showing the date and IP Address.

New in v1.2, you can now optionally configure to receive an email when the customer downloads a product.

Supports Prestashop v1.4, v1.5 and v1.6

PS 1.4 Compatible:Yes
PS 1.5 Compatible:Yes
PS 1.6 Compatible:Yes

v1.4: Add support for PS v1.6

v1.3: Fixed issue that was causing a conflict with certain Agile modules.  The javascript from this module only needs to be loaded when on the back office orders page

v1.2: updated to include optionally sending emails to customer/merchant when a customer downloads the product
v1.1: updated to support Prestashop v1.5
v1.0: initial release