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Stripe Payment Module (Reloaded)

The Stripe Payment module allows you to accept Credit Card, ApplePay, Bitcoin and Alipay payments using Stripe

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Compatibility Compatibility
Prestashop 1.4 Prestashop 1.5 Prestashop 1.6 Prestashop 1.7
Translations Available Translations
Demo Page Demo Page


  • Accept Credit Card Payments from your customers Visa/Discover/MasterCard/American Express
  • Accept Bitcoin and Alipay payments from your customers (When using Stripe Checkout)
  • Accept ApplePay
  • Capture and Refund charges directly from your Prestashop back-office
  • The payment form is hosted on your website, the customer is not redirected to an external vendor site
  • Stripe supports over 100 currencies
  • Merchants can choose to Capture funds immediately, or configure the module to use "Authorization Only" mode.  With "Authorization Only" mode, you can delay Capturing the funds until after you process and ship the order.
  • Credit Card information never reaches your server.  The secure Stripe interface collects the information and provides the module with a single use token.
  • Give customers the option to store the Credit Card information to be used for future purchases.  Stripe's Token feature safely and securely encrypts the card holder information, protecting the customer and merchant from exposure. 
  • PCI compliant payment solution

In order to use this module, you must open an account with Stripe

Certified for Prestashop v1.4, v1.5, v1.6, v1.7

PS 1.4 Compatible:Yes
PS 1.5 Compatible:Yes
PS 1.6 Compatible:Yes
PS 1.7 Compatible:Yes
  • v2.19.2:
    • Fixed issue with Stripe Checkout that lead to a 404 page not found error when submitting the payment.
    • Fixed issue with Stripe Checkout when "move javascript to bottom" is enabled.
  • v2.19.0
    • Add ApplePay Support
  • v2.18.0
    • implement cardjs
    • Update Stripe SDK to 4.8.1
  • v2.17.0
    • Add Stripe Checkout as an alternative payment option
    • Support for Bitcoin and Alipay included with use of Stripe Checkout
    • Refactored module configuration page
  • v3.0.0
    • Add support for PS v1.7
    • Redo admin order hook, add additional information to order details page in the back office
    • Add ability to Capture Transactions from the back office
  • v2.16.0
    • Redo admin order hook, add additional information to order details page in the back office
    • Add ability to Capture Transactions from the back office
  • v2.15.0:
    • Remove PS v1.4 and v1.5 support
    • Update Stripe SDK to 4.2.0
    • Add debug mode for troubleshooting issues
    • Redo module config page to support bootstrap
  • v2.14.3:
    • Updated Card and CVV fields to use the "tel" input type.  This allows the Safari browser to present the number keyboard for input.
    • Fixed issue with advanced payment controller (aka advanced eu compliance)
    • Force the Stripe SDK to use TLS v1.2
  • v2.14.2:
    • Fixed issue when sending the billing address information to Stripe during checkout.  The name was being recorded as undefined.
    • Updated the workflow so that the Card Expiration Months can be translated
    • Fixed issue with the module option "Enable credit card information to be stored".  When this option was enabled, but "Give customers the option to choose" was disabled, then the feature was disabled.
  • v2.14.1:
    • fixed issue with when processing a payment when using "advanced eu compliance"
    • fixed an install issue when using PS v1.4
    • updated the requirement check so it properly checks for PHP v5.3.3
  • v2.14:
    • Add support for "advanced eu compliance".  PS v1.6.1.0+ only
    • The module will no longer display the Stripe Processing Fee in the back office order details messages section
    • Switched the order of API keys in module config to match the order in Stripe dashboard
    • Updated the minimum PHP requirements to 5.3.3.  PHP 5.2 is no longer supported
    • Updated Stripe SDK to v1.18
  • v2.13:
    • fixed rounding issue
  • v2.12:
    • add support for zero-decimal currencies that Stripe now supports
  • v2.11:
    • Add module configuration options to show/hide card logos during checkout
    • Fixed issue when attempting to delete a card store in the Stripe Vault
    • The payment method will now reflect "credit card" instead of Stripe (only with PS v1.6.0.7 and higher)
    • Fixed issue when storing a credit card in the Stripe Vault that declines.  The module will properly handle the error and show the customer an error message
    • The module will hide itself during checkout if the order amount is less than 50 cents.  Stripe has a minimum charge amount
    • Removed webhook support
  • v2.10:
    • fix issue with the cancel action of deleting a card
    • update module to support latest Stripe API version (2015-02-18)
  • v2.9:
    • fixed issue with deleting a card during checkout
  • v2.8:
    • error messages were still not being shown properly on the payment page
    • module will remove any white space or invalid characters when saving the API keys
    • add requirement check for 'mbstring' and 'JSON' extensions which are required by the Stripe SDK
    • Updated Spanish translations
    • Fixed issue with displaying error messages on the payment page
  • v2.6:
    • Fixed issue with module upgrade files, some upgraded files were being skipped
    • Added a configuration test to the module config page
    • Misc code refactoring
    • Removed any credit card fields from the database to avoid any PCI compliance issues
  • v2.5:
    • updated Stripe SDK to version 1.17.1
    • corrected issues with retrieving the Stripe transaction fee and card type
    • backward compat warning added for PS v1.4
    • added extra validation to protect against javascript issues
    • the module will now remove any spaces added to the end of the configuration settings to avoid issues
    • added link to module documentation within the modules configuration page
    • Updated to support an authorization only mode.  This allows the merchant to receive an authorization to hold the funds, and can capture the funds at a later time
  • v2.2:
    • Add support for PS v1.6
    • Refactored css, javascript and template files and moved to standard folder structures
    • Removed country restrictions
  • v2.1
    • Removed currency restrictions from the module.  The merchant is now able to select any installed currency.  However the module will only work with the currencies supported by Stripe.
    • Updated order confirmation message when the order status is pending to something more meaningful
    • The module now captures the CC BIN and stores within the Stripe Charge object.  This is useful for integrating with Fraud services.
  • v2.0: Reloaded and Refactored:
    • Enhanced to use Stripe.js v2 (upgraded from v1)
    • Enhanced to include Stripes latest PHP library version 1.11 (upgraded from v1.7.7)
    • Enhanced to support mobile theme and jquery mobile
    • Enhanced so that storing card information actually works, that card data is only stored within Stripe, and that customers can manage more than 1 card

The module has the following technical requirements

  • PHP 5.3.3+
  • PHP Extension curl
  • PHP Extension mbstring
  • PHP Extension json

Stripe may also require that you have an SSL certificate before they will allow you to process transactions in Live mode.  Therefore the module does enforce this requirement.

Prestashop Version Compatibility

Our Stripe module includes support for PS v1.4, v1.5, v1.6 and v1.7. After your purchase is complete, please make sure you download and install the correct module version for your store

  • Prestashop v1.4: Use
  • Prestashop v1.5: Use
  • Prestashop v1.6: Use
  • Prestashop v1.7: Use

One Page Checkout

Our Payment Modules are only designed to work with the standard 1 or 5 page checkout process included with Prestashop.  If you choose to use a custom one page checkout module, then you may encounter issues with the check out process.

You should confirm with the Author of the one page checkout module that they have tested and will provide you with support for their module.  We will not be able to offer you support if you choose to proceed with using a custom one page checkout module.

Do your research first, as we do not offer refunds if you encounter this type of issue