Virtual Merchant Payment Module

The Virtual Merchant Payment module allows you to accept payments using Elavon's Virtual Merchant.

The Virtual Merchant Payment module allows you to accept payments using Elavon's Virtual Merchant.

Customers stay on your website and the payment module communicates directly to the Virtual Merchant gateway to authorize the transaction.


Credit Card information is not stored on your servers, it is only collected and transmitted to the payment gateway.  Once the transaction is complete, the merchant transaction Id is stored with in your order details.


In order to use this module, you must open an account with Elavon's Virtual Merchant. 

It also appears that Helcim provides the Virtual Merchant services for Canadian Merchant Accounts.  This module could also be used for the Helcim service.


For more information on Elavon or Helcim, please visit their respective websites

Elavon's Virtual Merchant

Helcim's Virtual Merchant


Certified for Prestashop v1.4, v1.5, v1.6 and v1.7

PS 1.4 Compatible:Yes
PS 1.5 Compatible:Yes
PS 1.6 Compatible:Yes
PS 1.7 Compatible:Yes
  • v3.0.1: Fixed issue with expiration month
  • v3.0.0: Add support for PS v1.7
  • v2.0.2: Fixed issue with expiration month
  • v2.0.1: Enhanced the credit card form using cardjs
  • v2.0.0
    • Module configuration refactored to use PS v1.6 bootstrap
    • Updated module documentation
    • Removed support for PS v1.4 and PS v1.5.  Use module v1.14 for older PS versions
  • v1.1: Now compatible with Prestashop v1.5
  • v1.2: Fixed issue that prevented using characters in the merchant config details.
  • v1.3: Include author setting
  • v1.4: do not execute order confirmation unless this payment method was used. use context to add CSS and fancybox
  • v1.5: disable the submit button to prevent multiple form submissions.  send the ISO code for country instead of the country name.
  • v1.6: Refactored module structure so it conforms to standard module best practices
  • v1.7: ensure that the values sent to Virtual Merchant gateway adhere to maximum length specifications
  • v1.8: changes to support the requirements of the Prestashop addons store.
  • v1.9: add support for PS v1.6.  fixed image url for payment page.  Updated order confirmation page message.
  • v1.10: implemented a mobile version of the payment page for PS v1.4.  This is designed to work with Prestashop Mobile Theme Module v.0.5.3
  • v1.11:
    • add module documentation to config page
    • add technical checks to config page
    • fixed submit button input id/name on mobile page
    • misc code refactoring
  • v1.12:
    • Add Support for Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC)
    • Add the ability to record transactions to a log file for testing and support
    • Refactored to meet latest PS Addon Validator Rules
    • Updated module documentation
  • v1.13:
    • Capture and Send Customer IP Address to the Payment Gateway in order to allow merchants to use Fraud tools
    • Refactored to meet latest PS Addon Validator Rules
  • v1.14:
    • Update to use the new SHA256 compliant gateway URLs
    • Fixed issue with the 'total' smarty variable which appears to conflict in some way.  renaming the variable to a more unique name appears to have fixed the issue (issue surfaced on PS v1.4.9)

Our Virtual Merchant Payment Module includes support for PS v1.4, v1.5 and v1.6.  After your purchase is complete, please make sure you download and install the correct module version for your store

Prestashop v1.4: Use

Prestashop v1.5: Use

Prestashop v1.6: Use

Prestashop v1.7: Use

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