Order Insurance

This module will allow you to offer order insurance to your customers using a fixed percentage rate.

Easily configure your store to offer order insurance to your customers.  You simply configure an insurance rate and the module takes care of the rest.  The module will calculate the insurance amount based on the Total Order amount including products, shipping and taxes.


Key features:  

  • Easily configure the insurance rate
  • The customer can add or remove insurance from the cart summary and payment selection page.  The carrier selection page is now supported (as of module v1.6)
  • The insurance amount is displayed in the cart summary, order detail, admin order detail and PDF invoice.
  • Option to prompt the customer to waive or add insurance if they skip it during checkout
  • Update module configuration so the merchant can choose which pages the insurance option will appear on during checkout (applies to 5 page checkout)


Compatible with Prestashop v1.4, v1.5, and v1.6


This module includes overrides.  Click the Overrides tab to learn more.


Important Note:  If you use either the Paypal Europe or Paypal USA payment modules, the insurance amount will not be sent to Paypal due to the way that the Paypal module itemizes products, shipping and tax.  If you wish to use our Order Insurance module with Paypal, you will need to customize your Paypal module to include the insurance amount.  Customizing the Paypal module is not included with your purchase of the module.

PS 1.4 Compatible:Yes
PS 1.5 Compatible:Yes
PS 1.6 Compatible:Yes
  • v1.10: Corrected issue with carriers to ignore option
    • Fixed issue with a 404 page not found error when using PS v1.5 with Friendly URL disabled
    • Updated "Carriers to Ignore" so it works without having to enable the Warning Option
  • v1.8: Fixed 404 issue with add/remove link on order carrier page for PS v1.5 and v1.6
  • v1.7: Includes various bug fixes and compatibility changes for the addons store.
  • v1.6:
    • enhanced module to support carrier selection page
    • added prompt/reminder to add/waive insurance
    • added order insurance amount as an individual line item in the cart summary on the payment page (PS 1.6 default-bootstrap theme only)
    • added module configuration to control which pages the order insurance options will appear on
  • v1.5: Support for PS v1.6 added
  • v1.4: updated to include security token
  • v1.3: module_key for addons store included
  • v1.2: Support for PS v1.5 added
  • v1.1: Updated to include override class checks and a readme file.
  • v1.0: Initial public release
  • The module is unable to include the insurance amount in any emails
  • Payment Modules (like Paypal) that itemizes the cart contents will NOT include the insurance amount.  Customizing your Payment Module is NOT included in the purchase of this module, and a refund will not be approved after you have purchased the module.  If you are unsure, ask us before you make the purchase.

This module includes an Override of the Cart class.  You should inspect the overrides/classes folder of your Prestashop installation to determine if an override already exists.  If a Cart override already exists, then the installation of the module may fail, and you will need to manually merge the contents together. 


Always make a complete backup of your store!